Do you have a Sammy Terry Memory?

Frightening Fun Facts

Sammy Terry has entertained and terrorized fans throughout the region for more than 50 years. A few things you may not know . . . or be too scared to ask:


  1. Started @ WTTV4 in 1962
  2. The original contract for Sammy Terry was for 13 weeks.. 56 years later he’s still making a Killing
  3. Longest running TV Horror Host in the World
  4. Favorite place to Shop…. Any “Body” Shop
  5. Sammy has been the Grand Marshall in 51 parades
  6. Favorite watering Hole….  Blood Bank

More Frightening Fun Facts


  1. Sammy performs stage shows and game shows at events and festivals throughout the year
  2. Favorite place to meditate…. The embalming room at a mortuary
  3. Sammy Terry’s Creator, Bob Carter coined the phrase “Finger Lickin’ Good” for Colonel Sanders
  4. Sammy Terry was one of the first inductees into the Horror Host Hall of Fame in 2011 and was inducted into the Indiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2013.
  5. In 1972 Governor Edgar Whitcomb proclaimed October 31, 1972 – Halloween, of course – as Sammy Terry Day throughout the State of Indiana.